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The FLDA team led by Principal Bruce Ferri provided a major re-lighting for the CNBC Studios located in its Englewood Cliffs, NJ headquarters. The new lighting design provided by FLDA was able to drastically reduce the power requirements for the lighting systems while providing new lighting looks for the studio shows.

FLDA has a proven track record of drastically lowering the power requirements in broadcast studios without compromising the on-air look but rather offering a fresh, clean approach to the lighting design.

The main newsroom studio at CNBC’s world headquarters in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey is the home base for a number of the network’s signature shows including Kudlow Report, Squawk Box, Fast Money, Power Lunch, Street Signs, and Closing Bell.

Over time the many different lighting designs for each show caused the studio grid to become a chaotic assemblage of lights, cables, and hardware. This piecemeal approach also meant that many of the camera shots looked cluttered and busy. Network management wanted a clean lighting look that highlighted the new scenic elements as well as provide a fresh, flattering light on the talent.

CNBC brought in FLDA LD Bruce Ferri to handle the lighting design duties for the entire slate of studio shows as well as design and implement a complete re-light of the main studio and adjacent studio spaces. FLDA recognized that re-lighting the main studio was an opportunity to provide CNBC with a cleaner visual design as well as realize both energy and cost saving efficiencies.

FLDA designed a cohesive overall lighting package that would provide maximum control over the different parts of the studio while also providing pristine, flattering, energy-efficient lighting for all of the programs. A signature of Ferri’s work as well as a staple of the FLDA approach is the use of the right fixture for the right reason so that studios are not over-designed but still offer versatility with purpose, such as his use of ellipsoidal lights for the keylighting duties, which provides the benefit of a high level of control over the talent positions.

By employing lower wattage lamps and/or more efficient sources like discharge lamps or Light Emitting Diode (LED) fixtures, FLDA provides energy-efficient lighting that still provides pristine images for broadcast.

The energy efficiencies of Ferri’s re-lighting design as implemented and maintained by FLDA has reduced electricity costs by 70% meaning CNBC has a yearly savings of $119,687.00.

Power Costs prior to Re-Lighting

  1. Total Amps - 2,380
  2. Total Watts - 285,600
  3. Kilowatt Hours - 285.16
  4. Hours of Use - 16
  5. KwH/Day - 4,569.6
  6. Electric Cost - $0.1412
  7. Cost/Day - $645.23
  8. Cost/Week - $3,226.14
  9. Cost/Year - $167,759.16

Power Costs after Re-Lighting

  1. Total Amps - 682
  2. Total Watts - 81,840
  3. Kilowatt Hours - 81.84
  4. Hours of Use - 16
  5. KwH/Day - 1,309.44
  6. Electric Cost - $0.1412
  7. Cost/Day - $184.89
  8. Cost/Week - $924.46
  9. Cost/Year - $48,072.16

Yearly Savings $119,687.00

70% reduction in power costs