FLDA - specialists in multi-camera television production

  • NBC Sports Network NBC Sports Network
    The primary focus of NBC Sports Network’s new, $100 million dollar state-of-the-art production and operations center in Stamford CT was all about light and energy efficiency.
  • CNBC Studios CNBC Studios
    FLDA designers Bruce Ferri, Fred Bock and Mick Smith provided a major re-lighting for the CNBC World Headquarters in NJ. FLDA was able to drastically reduce the power requirements for the lighting systems while providing new lighting looks for the studio
  • MLB Network MLB Network
    FLDA lit both studios for the MLB Network. FLDA won two Sports Emmy Awards: one that LD Bruce Ferri won as part of the production design team & one shared by Ferri & LD Mick Smith for MLB Tonight.
Ferri Lighting Design & Associates

Ferri Lighting Design & Associates (FLDA) is a leading creator of broadcast and cable network studio lighting designs that emphasize efficient and effective filmic lighting. The company’s designs accentuate lighting regardless of video format output, and are developed in conjunction with producers, directors, and production designers.

The FLDA look is well-recognized in the industry as a warm, pleasing filmic lighting that is optimized for complex multi-camera productions. The FLDA team’s work is optimized for high-definition television, and can be applied to all television formats. 

Television Lighting Design

The designers at FLDA believe that lighting should not be a conscious element to the viewer; it is a critical element to the production. Lighting should support and complement the talent while enabling the production to communicate effectively at all times. FLDA's design team is very aware of their responsibility to help grab the viewer's attention.